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With an international database of clients and agents we are able to sell or acquire international property. If you are considering selling or buying an international property from a ski chalet to a sea fronted villa we can assist you. Our experience in this sector offers an unrivalled local service to buyers and sellers of international properties.

Real Estate Investment, Green Energy and Renewables

There are masses of exciting opportunities when it comes to renewable Energy. We can take care of nearly all aspects of the process of entering into the realms of renewable energy. We work with investors and developers of renewable energy projects. We provide suitable real estate for energy projects. We serve both developers and asset owners on all sizes of projects with negotiations in land acquisition, purchase or leasing agreements to provide our clients with favorable terms. With our portfolio of land in Eastern Europe, we match energy companies with ideal sites for development of solar, wind and geothermal projects. For example, our solar energy properties have flat topography and are situated in the areas of highest solar intensity in the area and are also located near transmission lines and power substations so that power can be uploaded easily.

We provide independent advice to our clients which is based around industrial knowledge of the energy sector. We serve with assessing site suitability and improving assets to qualify for energy projects. We serve with prospecting, land referencing, site assembly, access and services negotiation, negotiation of joint venture option, purchase and lease agreements and valuations.

Our team has experience in all aspects of renewable and alternative energy technologies, currently we have numerous renewable energy projects proceeding and we are advising clients in the following areas.
• Wind energy
• Solar photovoltaic
• Anaerobic Digestion
• Waste to Energy Facilities
• Biofuels
• Hydrocarbon exploration- including Hydraulic fracturing
• Geothermal Energy
• Green Buildings

We are also working with investment companies and assisting in the disposal and acquisition of established renewable sites.

For any further information or to get expert advice for your green energy projects please contact with Mr. Adam Arsoy via email: or by Tel: +36 309 344 859